About us



Many years of local and national construction experience with a reputation for delivering large and unique project construction projects ahead of schedule and within your budget. Our company has been serving clients and facility owners for many years. We have found that the key to the success of any project is to understand the needs and expectations of the owner, and then to exceed those expectations.



From concept to completion, our entire team of, designers, project managers and experienced CEOs make our clients' needs a priority. We have experience in a wide range of projects and delivery methods, and we use both proven practices and newest techniques to ensure that our clients' projects reach their full potential.



The quality policy defines our determination, understanding, strategy and responsibility of the staff of CONCRET KO DOOEL Skopje, to meet the requirements and expectations of buyers, investors, society, owners and staff.

Our long-term vision is with our long professional experience to create modern aesthetic objects that meet all architectural and construction standards.